Parkeology is a live event, webtv, and podcast series that unearths lesser known sites and stories of our urban parks. Season I and II features Balboa Park in San Diego, California. Parkeology hosts events that explore popular and obscure locations in the park, from the secret lives of artifacts to closeted histories, from underground models to reimagined organ pavilions.

Parkeology partners with museums, archivists, artists, and locals to host concerts, plays, oral histories, and tours. Participants become scouts that snoop, wander, and speculate on park pasts and presences. Each event is featured by Channel Parkeology a web-tv series hosted by marionettes Park Ranger Kim Duclo and Art Ranger Kate Clark.


Parkeology Events

Parkeology events expand the interpretive format of the park ranger tour: a temporary, performative event that draws us closer to the lesser known sites, stories, and experiences of Balboa Park.

Channel Parkeology

Hosted by marionettes Park Ranger Kim Duclo and Parkeology lead artist Kate Clark. Each 7 minute episode delves into the backstory of the characters, stories, and production of each Parkeology site and event. Participants, hosts, and partners become co-producers of this 5 episode web tv series. Directed by Ren Ebel. Original music by Karl Blau.


A 5 episode podcast series that provides an expanded perspective on each Parkeology event. Includes extended interviews and sound recordings from Parkeology participants, hosts, researchers, and artists. Directed by Parker Bray. Original music by Karl Blau.

Club Parkeology

An ongoing teen and youth drop in program, co-hosted with the San Diego Art Institute. Youth Club Parkeology members meet regularly for workshops, activities, and field trips in Balboa Park. Teen Club Parkeology members collaborate with Parkeology artists to produce the 5 Parkeology events- through video and sound editing sessions, theater design, sculpture workshops, and more.