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2.20 / Untracked

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Beneath the Scenes at the Miniature Model Railroad Museum



Saturday, February 20th, 12-3 PM
@ The San Diego Model Railroad Museum // FREE

Below the button controlled coal trains, hand driven railroad ties, and 1/87th scale cacti, lies a complex universe in the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. Explore the subterranean dispatch offices, chicken wire substrates, and networked control panels that support railway operations of the SDMRM Railroads.

Intimate tours of four were lead by an elected guide of the four model railroad clubs:  The San Diego Model Railroad Association, The La Mesa Model Railroad Club, The San Diego Society of N-Scale, and The San Diego 3-Railers. Visitors experienced how each individually organized club builds and operates their landscapes and railways under a unique order of esthetics, scale, and culture.

Following precise timed railway operation methods, tour groups otated through each landscape model. Each tour lasted 1 hour.


Images by: Camille Laut


San Diego Model Railroad Museum Contributing Clubs
San Diego Model Railroad Association
La Mesa Model Railroad Club
San Diego Society of N-Scale
San Diego 3-Railers

Tour Guides
Jon Everett
Hans Paar
Michael Thornhill
Bruce Cameron

Parkeology Conductors
Peter Chen
Jessica McPeak
Diana E Benavidez
Gabrielle Ramlow
Ashley Moy
Elizabeth Sutton
Kate Clark

Channel Parkeology Video, Editing, Direction: Ren Ebel
ParkCast: Sound, Editing and Direction: Parker Bray
Stills Documentation: Camille Laut, Clark Bledsoe
Sound Assistance: Sierra Waller and Perry Platypus
Operations /Front Table: Marina Grize, Alena Vasquez

Thanks to Beth Holmberg, Kim Duclo and Carina Weber