Friday, January 27th. 6:30-8:30 PM. Ceremony begins at 6:45 sharp

32.722924, -117.149016

Presidents Way Parking Lot- near “Graffiti Bridge” - Pedestrian Bridge that crosses I-5

Cross streets: Presidents Way and Park Blvd

ADA accessible


In the past 100 years, dozens of organizations in Balboa Park have inaugurated their groundbreakings, anniversaries, and office parties through stuffing objects in containers for future publics. Yet, the most common response associated with opening these vessels is disappointment, time capsule expert Nicholas Yablon tells us. What does this dual relationship of memorializing and disappointment say about our culture? To ring in Parkeology Season II, we will explore our urge to commemorate in response to the inevitable march of time.

Perhaps time capsules would have more value if opened by generations closer to their creators. Following this theory, we will unveil a 1999 time capsule from the Y2K era of the San Diego Park and Recreation Administration. Park Ranger Kim Duclo will officiate the unsealing, accompanied by the San Diego High School Drumline. Time Capsule expert Nicholas Yablon will provide insight into the affair. The evening will conclude with an open forum anti-time capsule campfire.

photos by Rafa Ríos-Mathioudakis


Officiated by Park Ranger Kim Duclo

Produced by Kate Clark

Drumline performance by San Diego High School Drumline

Guest Speaker: Nicholas Yablon

Production Assistance: Peter Chen, Diana Benavidez, Tamara Williams, Jeremy Raab, Tamara Williams, Daniel Leinad, Per Kefgen

Concept Development: Marina Grize

San Diego Art Institute Staff Support: Marina Grize, Andrew Utt, Lissa Corona, Nick Lesley

A/V: Steve Stopper, Glenna Trone (Save Starlight)

Projection Installation Advising: Stefani Byrd

Video: Ren Ebel

Photography: Rafa Rios

Research: Darlene Davies, Kim Duclo

Brochure Design: Dylan Wilde

Map Drawing: Kate Clark

Anti-Time Capsule: Diana Benavidez

Thank you to Senior Park Ranger Jon Anderson, Bruce Martinez, Mario Llanos