6.10 / Organ for the Senses

6.10.15 / ORGAN FOR THE SENSES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Back to: Archive



Feeling, Seeing & Sounding the Spreckels Pipe Organ


June 10  8-10:15 PM
@ The Spreckels Organ Pavilion // FREE

Organ for the Senses was an experimental music concert that features newly commissioned electro-acoustic works for the organ. Each composition explored new ways to not only hear, but to feel and see the vibrations of the Spreckels Organ.

Regional and nationally renowned contemporary musicians created works for the world’s largest outdoor pipe organ. Each 10 minute composition was shaped around the physical properties of the organ itself. Vibrationally driven instead of melodically driven works take the stage. Many compositions featured electronic elements, exploring how the organ functions as a massive analogue synthesizer.

During the concert, live projected visualizations allowed visitors to "see" the sound- by live projecting a seismograph registering the physical vibrations of the audio.

Compositions by: Michael Pisaro, Samuel Dunscombe, Sofia Gubaidulina, Steve Flato and Alvin Lucier

Projects by the UCSD Survey of Electronic Music Techniques III course lead by Professor Natacha Diels with: Tahereh Afghah, Wen Liu, Celeste Oram, Johannes Regnier and Felipe Rossi

Featured organists: Justin Murphy-Mancini and Jared C. Jacobsen

ASL interpretation by Billeanne McLellan




Compositions by
Sofia Gubaidulina
Alvin Lucier
Samuel Dunscombe
Steve Flato
UCSD Survey of Electronic Music Techniques III course, lead by Professor Natacha Diels, Michael Pisaro

Featured organists
Justin Murphy-Mancini
Jared C. Jacobsen

Cello: Jessie MarinoPercussion: Sean Dowgray
Music Direction: Samuel Dunscombe
Creative Direction: Kate Clark
Organ Curator: Dale Sorensen
Seismograph Design: Curt Miller
Live Projection: Lucas Coffin
Audio Production: Nick Lesley
Concert Recording: Samuel Dunscombe
Stage Video: Camille Laut
ASL interpretation: Billieanne McLellan

Spreckles Support
Max Nanis, Artist + Spreckels Organ Society Board Member
Dr. Carol Williams, San Diego Civic Organist and Spreckels Organ Artistic Director
Dale Sorenson, Spreckels Organ Society Organ Curator
Ross Porter, Spreckels Organ Society Executive Director