3.27 / Facing Artifacts

Facing Artifacts: Casting and Collecting Profiles of San Diegans

Sunday, March 27th. 12-5 PM
@ The San Diego Museum of Man // FREE

Parkeology invited the public to donate their faces to the anthropological collections of the Museum of Man. For one day, a life casting station was headquartered in the museum rotunda. Visitors had the opportunity to sit for 30 minutes with a lead Parkeologist to have the unique features of their face cast in plaster. These new artifacts were documented and will be exhibited in the Museum of Man as a temporary loan.

Where do objects live before they end up in museums? This is a question we don’t often ask.  Facing Artifacts participantswitnessed first hand what it’s like to have a part of themselves transform into an artifact.

Collecting profiles of humans as specimens has a long history in anthropology. In 1915, Museum of Man archivists worked with the Smithsonians to acquire life casts of members of Native American tribes, as well as many other racial “types.” These casts were exhibited  to the San Diego public for the Panama California Exposition. Now, a hundred years later, the Museum of Man probes the question of racial categorization in its exhibit, Race: Are We So Different?  Artifacts collected from this one time Parkeology event, along with the 1915 casts, will be displayed alongside this exhibition.

Museum entrance free with reservation to participate in the face casting lottery.


Production Team

Face Casting Technicians: Jerry Blackman, Kate Clark

Face Casting Assistants: Diana E. Benavidez, Jeremy Raab

Face Casting Support: Daniel Hathaway

Museum Interpreter and Press Contact: Elizabeth Sutton,  Jessica McPeak

Reception: Peter Chen and Ashley Moy

Portrait Documentarian: Camille Laut

Harpist: Meghan Elizabeth Orr

Stills Documentation: Clark Bledsoe

Project Liaison and Reception: Alena Vasquez

Channel Parkeology Guest: Gwyn Isaac, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Curator

Channel Parkeology Video, Editing, Direction: Ren Ebel

ParkCast: Sound, Editing and Direction: Parker Bray


Museum of Man Staff support

Karen Lacy, Collections Manager

Emily Anderson, Director of Exhibit Development

Audrey Chang, Project Director

Kelly Williams, Director of Collections

Sarah Crawford, Exhibit Developer

Kara Vetter, Registrar

Jason Porter, Director of Education and Public Engagement

Yadira Jaramillo, MoM Custodial Staff

Consuelo Hernandez, MoM Custodial Staff


Face Casting Models

Jan Wallden

Dianne Berg

Catherine Cheng

Anthony A. Labue

Captain Burnett

Carter Lee Burnett

Jessica Kohley

Mary Jeong

Carina Novik

Philip E. Church

Nikki Nee

Megan Adcock

Marilyn Rudoff

Melissa Lynn Haeffner

Gordon L. Permann II

Margaret Williams

Gwyneira Isaac

Samantha Alberts

Katty Ibarra

Thanks to Kim Duclo and Carina Weber