2016/2017 Credits

Lead Artist and Director
Kate Clark

Project Partners
San Diego Art Institute
Spreckels Organ Society
Lambda Archives
Velaslavasay Panorama
Cognate Collective
Balboa Park Conservancy
Save Starlight
Casa Familiar
University of California, San Diego
Old Town Trolley Tours
Laminal Audio
San Diego History Center Research Library and Archives
Marginal Frequency

San Diego Foundation
Project for Public Spaces
Southwest Airlines Heart of the Community
California Arts Council
City of San Diego -- donates porta-potties and staff times
City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

Production Team
Ren Ebel, Director, Channel Parkeology webtv series
Parker Bray, Channel Parkeology audio
Karl Blau, Original music
Marina Grize, Design + Marketing Director, Project Advising
Andrew Utt, PR
Jeremy Raab, Jeszi McPeak, Diana Benavidez, Tamara Williams, Erik Trayvon Benson, Peter Chen: Parkeologists

In Collaboration with:
Kim Duclo
Carina Weber
Ryan Roberts
Welton Jones
Louis Hock
Steve Flato
Samuel Dunscombe
Stephanie Sherman
Max Nanis
Amanda Cachia
David Serlin
Beth Holmberg
Sarah Elkind
Lucas Coffin
Michael Pisaro
Matthew Baldwin
Natacha Diels
Camille Laut