Camp Parkeology

Camp Parkeology

Camp Parkeology offers young people a chance to explore museums, gardens, archives, and hidden spots in city parks and museums. Camps are guided by Parkeology educators, and special guests such as biologists, park rangers, historians, archivists, chefs, and storytellers. Each field trip becomes inspiration for a new multi-media art project. 


Camp Parkeology in Balboa Park, San Diego CA. Ages 9-12. July 24-28. 9:30 am-3 pm

Monday: Specimen Adventures at theNAT // We will explore theNAT with a drawing scavenger hunt, discovering hidden aspects of the dinosaur. Diving further into the museum, we will watch a 30 minute film on the Galapagos islands. Lastly, we will visit the Nature to You Specimens Library, and check out specimens to inspire observational drawings of owls, deer, foxes and beyond.

Tuesday: Carousels and Collaging Archives // Celebrating National Carousel Day, we will explore, ride, and draw the newly dedicated carousel in Balboa Park. In the afternoon, we will visit the photo archives of the San Diego History Center. Treating the photo archives like a treasure hunt, we will photo copy and collect unusual images of

Wednesday: Garden Secrets with Park Ranger Kim Duclo // Accompanied by the most friendly and knowledgeable Park Ranger in Balboa Park, Ranger Kim, we will visit the healing plants garden. We will learn about the hidden properties of plants. We will make custom soap, collecting special textures from the plants to cast soap made with healing herbs from the Balboa Park garden.

Thursday: Lives of Artifacts at the Museum of Man // Becoming anthropologists and archaeologists, we will make field notes and drawings, researching the lives that the objects lived with humans before they displayed in the cases at the MoM. Back in the San Diego Art Institute classroom studios, we will transform our own body parts into artifacts. Using alginate and plaster, we will make casts of our own hands.

Friday: Behind the Scenes at the Mingei Museum // Lead by Mingei Museum docent, we will visit some the special exhibits of Kanban, the traditional shop signs of Japan. After exploring and drawing this exhibit, we will go behind the scenes, and a Mingei archivist will show us the exquisite bead collection. Back in the SDAI classroom, we will use sculpey and pasta machines to make our own complex and colorful beads.




Camp Parkeology in Pioneer Park, La Conner, WA. Ages 9-13 July 17, 18, 19. 9am-3pm

This camp is for students who are interested in the outdoors, hands-on art activities, and time travel. For three days, we will transform Pioneer Park into our studio, basecamp, and exploratory headquarters. We will travel through different layers of time: hearing stories about the rocks, river, plants, and even humans of Pioneer Park. Special guests such as biologists, historians, and even chefs will visit the Parkeology group for mini field trips. Inspired from these themes, each day we will create multi-media projects, including printmaking, sculpture, soapmaking, and even cooking a meal with local ingredients. 

July 17: Storytelling with the Skagit County Historical Museum and press mold sculptures with Kate Clark

July 18: Nature hike with Denise Crow. Cyanotypes with Kate Clark

July 19: BBQ Salmon workshop with Patricia Paul. Soapmaking with Kate Clark



Image Details: Xia traces constellations projected on the IMAX dome during a behind the scenes tour at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.  Image credit: Patrick Miller-Gamble